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Cultural Catwalk: Christ and Culture I

Now that we’ve looked at Joseph and Joey’s lives, we’ve come to a fork in the cultural catwalk road. We must determine what clearly fixed foundation is appropriate for the path we want to walk on.

In the last post, I said, “There is no dilemma. The options are clear. You can choose to become a follower of Jesus Christ—and have eternal hope—or continue living under worldly pretense and die saying, ‘If only.’”

In spite of the aforementioned quote, many people live in fear. Fear of the presumed worldly notion that we’ll lose our freedom—that which comes from being involved in a culture that leaves Christ on the outside. Others live in a different fear. Fear of the truth of where they’ve been—that a Christ inclusive culture wouldn’t welcome them.

It’s easy for me to say that both kinds of fear are illogical and without merit. However, for the person who is seeking something greater than self, fear is the clearly fixed foundation upon which they base their current cultural catwalk. Unstable, swinging back and forth, and fascinated with worldly pursuits and opinions, persons living in fear, feel immobilized. Unable to make life choices, they are one kind of person in one culture and a different person in another culture.

Let’s look at the clearly fixed foundation points of each type of cultural catwalk:

A Christ Centered Cultural Catwalk

Is based on a life of faith, with Jesus at the helm, through Bible study and communing with people of true faith.

Its goal is to love all people, including those who have hurt us, because God created them in his image, and gives them the opportunity to accept Christ into their lives.

The result is daily hope in Christ’s ability to make all people, including ourselves, more like him, and to spend eternity with him.


A World Centered Cultural Catwalk

Is based on a life of letting others make decisions for you through the media and social networks. You are welcomed if you believe in the establishment and its ideas.

Its goal is to resent, make fun of, or get back at those people who aren’t on the same page as we are, which brings hate and unresolved anger into our midst.

The result is a constant desire to fit in, be popular, accept greed, hate, and false promises, only to find ourselves on the outside, looking in.

When we examine the above points and read carefully the phrases that explain the differences between a Christ Centered Cultural Catwalk and a World Centered Cultural Catwalk, our fears are easily classified.

For example, if we know that we are welcomed as we are, love all people, and therefore, live with daily hope, our fears are diminished. On the other hand, if we let others make decisions for us, and try to remain on their same page, with a constant desire to fit in, we inadvertently live in fear.

There are two forks in the road leading to two different cultural catwalks. Which one would you choose?

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