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What Do Our Souls Thirst For and Why?

My soul had always thirsted for fresh knowledge and I wanted to live authentically. Grappling with unworthiness, I wanted to know who I was, why I lived, and what God had planned for my life.

I had often asked myself, “Will there ever be a time when I please God enough for him to make plans for me?”

Only after I surrendered my life to God, did I begin to understand that my work, sweat, and tears in my life weren’t what he wanted from me. And although I had accepted the gift of salvation, I believed I must toil for God to keep it. It nearly destroyed my love for him.

Our hearts are the seat of emotions, affections, intellect, and will, and just as God has prepared a place for us, we must respond by preparing a place for him in our hearts. God creates in us a thirst for him. That craving in our hearts depletes us, because we search endlessly for love, acceptance, and contentment, but never find what we are looking for. But God satisfies.

So, let me ask you a question:

How Does Your Garden Grow?

We each have a garden
That God designed to grow
It’s in our heart—deep within
 The place where the pulse of life flows
When the Father knits us in the womb
He makes our garden lush and fertile
But as we grow, surrounded by the world
It becomes parched, barren, and brittle

God gives us the desire to bring it back
We long for a watered soul
But Satan sows pain and sorrow
He dares us not to be whole

 Satan’s plan is for wasteland
To wither and wilt away
How can our garden in love exist?
When Satan plants every day?

 Living Water is what we need
It will nourish and sustain our days
Our garden’s earth will start to soften
Refreshed and redeemed, we explore new ways

As the Water begins to give new life
Within the center of our soul
A pool of clarity and purpose gathers
An oasis that will forever flow

This Living Water comes only from Christ
When we seek Him for all our needs
It never stops flowing in our heart
As it prepares to accept perfect seeds

Some seeds are righteousness from truth
Planted throughout our garden 
The Holy Spirit sows the first seed
That because of Christ we are pardoned

Other seeds are plants of discipline
The Holy Spirit prunes and shapes them
The flowers give sweet, sweet smells of joy
And petals once faded are now precious gems

All other seeds find a place
With Living Water to nourish and sustain
The seeds in our garden grow into Him
 A garden of purity is our gain

Our garden becomes a sacred harvest
Other souls reaped from the precious seeds
God is the only One who knows
To what destiny each harvest will lead


Our hearts are the garden in which our emotions, affections, intellect, and will reside. Tending to the garden of our hearts nourishes it, and affects our behavior. And our response to Jesus’ promised eternal life includes how we behave now. Read more… By observing the world and ourselves as God does—corrupt, evil, and sinful, yet loving it—we find the strength and empowerment to live expectantly, as though Christ’s return is just moments away.

Is your soul thirsting? Have you let God nourish your garden with his Living Water?

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