Stories Shared by Readers!

When my husband and I first started our retail business in a mall, we were required to pay for the tenant finish, which the leasing company had certain requirements for our store. We used the leasing company’s architect, and figured by doing that, we should know our costs up front. However, as construction went along, the leasing company changed certain criteria — after we had gotten to the point where we couldn’t stop construction because of escalating costs. We had no choice but to continue.
When construction was finished and we settled into our new store — strapped with more debt that we intended — the electrical contractor gave us an extra bill for about $2,000.00. I looked up at him, crying, and said, “We don’t have $2,000.00, and I don’t know how we are ever going to pay you.”
A couple weeks later, the electrical contractor came back to our store, and said, “Don’t worry about your bill, we added it to a change order for the leasing company, and they are going to pay it.”
This event in our life proves how kind and considerate people can be in this dark world.

Carol Flohr Giles