Exploring God’s Character

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Most people, whether followers of Jesus or not, wonder what makes God tick. It’s a mystery we would like to unravel but we know it’s something that will remain a secret until the final day. We can’t see Him; we can’t talk to Him; or sit down with Him at the kitchen table for a cup of coffee. Oh my … how exasperating.

Exploring God’s Character will provide answers about God. Biblical answers. Not my idea of what I think God is like. As humans, we are limited. For example, we may wonder who we are, why are we here, and what is our purpose in this life we are living. The explanations for these intrinsic thoughts are found only in the Bible. And this is where we must go to answer our questions about God.

I have studied God throughout the entire Bible multiple times. In Exploring God’s Character, my educated conclusions about God and his character are what the book is about. There is a full page after each section from which you can journal and answer questions about what you’ve learned.



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