Praying for Donald Trump


Father God,

We lift our hands to you in praise and thanksgiving. You are the One in whom all things are made possible.

The people have spoken.

You have spoken Lord.

We humbly ask, Father, that you would place your hand on Mr. Trump. That you would teach him through your Spirit. We know, God, there are those who feel he is not fit to be our president.

You have spoken, Lord.

Please remove all immoral impulses from him, and cause him to follow you, God.

Lord, we pray that you would surround him with people of faith to give him a godly example to follow. May his family help him to temper his anger and rhetorical comments. We ask that his reputation in the world would improve as he learns new ways to represent our country. It is our prayer, Lord, that he will bring unity and action back into our government, and that the Democrats would work closely with him.

You have spoken, Lord.

He has much to do, so we pray for wisdom, stamina, right thinking, and the ability to remove the anger that stifles our country right now. We need him, Lord, and we know that You and You alone are the One who can calm this nation. Use Donald Trump for Your glory dear Father.

Bring him to his knees daily as he prays for your guidance.

Make him an instrument of Your peace, grace and love. Let Your light in him be beacon of hope in this fallen world.

We pray all of this in the name of Christ Jesus.


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