Are You Living Beautifully?


Where are you in your life? Who are your friends? Are you settling into a new job? Expecting a new baby? Living the good life in your retirement years? Who loves you unconditionally? And who do you love unconditionally? Whatever your stage in life, sometimes it’s refreshing to read about or learn new things. You may want to explore new ideas, philosophies, or even deepen your faith. If you are living discouraged, saddened, and shocked by what’s going on in the world, this blog is for you.


We are destined to live in the world as it is – broken. We live beautifully when we love the world enough to feel sorrow over the depravity but rejoice over the delicate balance of nature; when we are troubled by what goes on around us but find confidence to press on and help those in danger; when we feel we are teetering on the high wire of disaster, only to find that the wire is a mere twelve inches off the ground.


And, we all have our story lines. What would happen if you were able to place your own story into the cosmic story? Wouldn’t you like to feel loved unimaginably, know where you are going, value where you’ve been, even if it was a nasty existence? Sometimes, we can’t let go of what’s making us sad, because it was the only thing that made us happy. Nevertheless, letting go of what makes us sad is to live courageously.

To calm the chaos in the world we put ourselves into the hands of the cosmic Potter. The world is beautiful when we look at it through the Potter’s eyes. These are but a few of the ways to deal with our anger constructively, and bring ourselves into the realm of perseverance, pleasure, and peace. Stay tuned for more real life examples of how to live beautifully in a broken world.