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One of my granddaughter’s friends, Sandy, knew I was looking for a new church since my move to Windsor Colorado. Sandy and her family invited me to attend The Timberline Church in Windsor, a God thing for sure. I’ve been three times and already feel it’s where God wants me. This past Sunday, as we were greeted, we were given a narrow, tall paper, ELECTION YEAR LITURGY, which the pastor read to us before his message. As a form of public worship, the reading of a liturgy is sometimes a source of ambiguity; uncertainty, an idea whose intended meaning cannot be definitively resolved.

After hearing and reading this powerful guide for all Americans, I must share it. Hopefully, it will help us put the upcoming election peacefully and quietly in our hearts and minds:

Election Year Liturgy

Amid what is to come in this election season of 2024

I look to you God.

When my heart quickens with anger or sorrow or fear

I breathe in. I breathe out.

Your mercies are new every morning.

May I meet them anew, and anew, and anew.

For the current governing leaders, I recognize

their service and place them before you.

For those racing to become governing leaders, I

recognize their courage and place them before you.

I honor the mantle you have given them Lord.

They are only given this leadership by your provision.

Would you give them wisdom, hope, faith and

love. May they be instruments of your purposes in

this moment.

Many people are yelling, Lord. Pride feels loud,

slander seems natural, deception flows, and fear

has taken over.

Where the evil one divides, Lord unify.

Where the evil one lies, Lord bring truth.

Where the evil one destroys, Lord redeem and renew.

It is in you I place my allegiance. Your Kingdom

is the one that does not expire. Stir my longing for your

Kingdom to come on earth as it is heaven. Thy will be

done. YES! It will be! And I trust that it

IS being done. Even now. Even when I can’t seem

to find it.

Amidst the rancor that is punctuated by drowning

out the voices of others. May I be quick to listen and

slow to speak today. Amidst turmoil and confusion.

May I hunger and thirst for righteousness today.

Amidst a culture that seeks to find the worst in


May I be pure in heart today.

Amidst fighting and turmoil.

May I be a maker of peace today.

Align my heart again with yours.

Help me to love my neighbor well.

Remind me of your great faithfulness.

In the face of uncertain times,

I surrender myself to you,

the author and object of all my truest hopes

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