Bill Cosby: Assailant or Mentor?


America’s favorite father from the mid-1980s and early 1990s is currently on trial in Norristown, Pennsylvania for three counts of aggravated indecent assault. And although 60 women have come forward and made accusations of sexual assault, only one of Cosby’s alleged victims has testified. Other alleged victims sat in the courtroom during the trial as a means of solidarity and support for Andrea Constand, a former Temple University basketball staffer.

Cosby’s depositions released in July of 2015 reveal disturbing details concerning Cosby’s “beliefs about sex, drugs, and the pursuit of women, in his own words.”[1] He admits to using fame as a tool, having a wandering eye and mistresses in his various homes, offering drugs to women, enjoying a “sexual moment”, and he supplied graphic details. The worst admission, in my opinion: “Cosby admitted that he once seduced a young model by feigning interest in her father’s cancer.”[2]

CBS News reports, “These admissions aren’t criminal, but they aren’t exactly tasteful either. And they are completely at odds with the public persona of beloved father figure and public moralist that Mr. Cosby enjoyed in the United States for so long, even earning him the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2002.”[3]

The emotionally charged case has brought out the worst in Cosby’s attorney, who says, “This ain’t right!”[4] This after “… stage-whispered intimacy and earsplitting verbal explosions … [by defense attorney Brian McMonagle, who] ran through a long list of possible culprits … responsible for landing his client at the center of one of the most high-profiled criminal cases in recent history.”[5]

On the other side of the courtroom, prosecutor Kevin Steele asserted “… that, in a sense, Cosby had already confessed … [showing] jurors copies of deposition transcripts and police interviews …”[6]

None of us knows what the verdict will be. The verdict is not what this post intends to discuss. The above information is just the back-story to the problem of rape in America. According to the Gale Group, “Many psychologists view rape as an act of anger and aggression, rather than an act of sexual desire. They see rapists as having an abnormal need to control others.”[7]

The Bible sees rape as an affront to human dignity in the context of God’s creation of us, as “in his own image.” Thus, in the case of rape, the perpetrator might as well be raping God.

In the end, no matter the verdict, Cosby’s actions and admissions show how easy it is to talk one way and act another. We do the same thing, but not in the international news. We can only assume that Cosby has never been interested in identifying himself based on his belief system and self-awareness … read more.

If the jury acquits Cosby, can we ever go back to thinking of him as America’s favorite father? I think not.

What do you think?

Until next time…

Update: Hung Jury

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