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Worldview Series 3. Do We Want to Love or Hate?

Some of us may not have found our worldview. We may question if it even exists. Nevertheless, whether conscious or subconscious, we all have some type of worldview. It’s been forming for years and it’s a conglomerate of everything we believe to be true. Ultimately, those beliefs are the stimulus behind our emotions, decisions, and actions. It can be ideology, philosophy, a movement, or system of belief that takes us to a path of awareness about God, the world and our relationship with God and the world. It affects our responses to the world, ourselves, and every other area of our life. It’s our foundation for living.

Our worldview is an interpretive grid from which we form answers. Exploring and evaluating answers to questions such as: What is the nature of Reality? Who or what am I? What is good for me? How do I know? Lastly, “Can we test it?” Yes, we can. Soon our worldview begins to evolve.

We can choose one of two worldviews. A now and then frame of reference. Or one all encompassing frame of reference. Two choices loom in our minds. Do we want to live with a patchwork of incompatible beliefs? Or do we want to live with an active, knowing, interpretative grid that has been tested and deemed a true and solid view of reality?

The realities of the world are startling, surprising, and sad. Sickened by world events, we wring our hands, we attend vigils, we light candles, but nothing seems to change. The daily tragedies continue and we go on with our lives, and wonder when the violence will stop.

“What is wrong with these people?” we ask ourselves.

Recently, a jet-black 4-wheel drive truck pulled up next to me at a stoplight. The truck was so high from the ground—I would have needed a ladder to get in. Sitting side by side, waiting for the light to change, I noticed something written on the driver’s side fender in bright red letters — “Kill em’ All.”

The truck pulled away, and I saw a moose head trailer hitch cover. Thinking he might be a hunter, my thoughts wandered aimlessly:

Who does he want to kill? He could be against illegal immigrants or Muslims. Maybe he’s a racist, a redneck, or a Special Forces Marine just home from battle. What is wrong with this person?

I’ve not seen the truck since, but the statement on the side of that truck is a constant reminder of the way some people view the rest of the world.

Do we want to love the world? Or do we want to hate it? Do we want to kill em’ all?

Establishing a worldview for ourselves helps us answer these questions.

Let’s talk … and, God Bless


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