Is Telling the Truth Offensive?


The small writers group I belong to gets together once a week to comment on our writing. Currently, I am bringing snippets of the book I am working on, Living Beautiful in an Ugly World (working title). Last week, one in the group commented that some of my phrases were condemning, presumptuous, judgmental, and offensive.

This woman is my Christian sister, and I love her, so I tried not to take her words personally. I know she made her comments from a biblical point of view. I also know that I am trying to write a book that will inform people who don’t know Jesus Christ, because they don’t read the Bible, attend church, and are quite self-sufficient.

My heart aches for anyone who hasn’t allowed Jesus into their life. Especially those who are in my age group. Older people deal with unexpected illness and death often. For example, last December the discovery that I had a brain aneurysm scared me half to death. I feared losing my life, not for myself, but for my husband. He doesn’t drive and he lives in a certain amount of pain 24/7, because of other health issues.

“Who will take care of Scott?” I thought to myself as they wheeled me into the procedure room. And then I prayed, and put myself into the hands of God. Peace surrounded me as I fell asleep.

After a three and a half hour long probing through my femoral artery, up through my carotid artery, and into the back of my brain, the doctor closed off the aneurysm.

Even if my husband was well and able to take care of himself, I am not afraid to die. For I find peace about my future death in this passage of scripture from the Bible:

“For I know that when this tent I live in now is taken down—when I die and leave this body—I will have a wonderful new body in heaven, a home that will be mine forevermore, made for me by God himself and not by human hands. How weary I grow of my present body. That is why I look forward eagerly to the day when I shall have a heavenly body that I shall put on like new clothes. For I shall not be merely a spirit without a body. My earthly body makes me groan and sigh, but I wouldn’t like to think of dying and having no body at all. I want to slip into my new body so that my dying body will, as it were, be swallowed up by everlasting life” (2 Corinthians 5:1-4 The Living Bible).

But what about those who are uninformed, and don’t realize what awaits them?

The time is now for those who don’t know Christ to hear the truth. Not telling the truth of the gospel message would be as if I knew there is a cure for cancer, but chose not to tell my friend who is dying from cancer.

So, if I offend, it is for a good reason.

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