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Cultural Catwalk: Joseph’s or Joey’s Life?

To establish a clearly fixed foundation on which to build our own cultural catwalk can be a daunting task. Furthermore, once we’ve accomplished that, keeping it safely in our hearts, minds, and souls, presents us with the risk of going against the establishment.

Joey’s twenty-first century patterns of behavior breed greed, selfishness, unresolved anger, and false hope. Regardless, all of us, whether we know it or not, suffer from uncertainty about what life is all about. And until we’ve made a crucial decision as to how we want our cultural catwalk to influence ourselves and those around us, many of us spin our wheels trying to find purpose, stable relationships, valuable connections in business, faith in something greater than ourselves, and the right way to live.

Some of you may be saying, “WHAAAT?”

It’s true. Look at Joseph. His brothers sold him to a merchant, people scoffed at his dreams, Potiphar trusted him completely, then sent him to prison, then Pharaoh trusted him—you know the rest of his story. If you compare Joseph’s life with Joey’s life, let me ask you:

“Which life would you prefer?”

Do you want to feel good at any cost or commit yourself to the timeless goodness of your creator? Are you strong enough to do anything you want, or could you use a little encouragement from others who share your faith? What about your anger towards others, and letting others influence you in ways you’re uncomfortable with? If you talked about your sin with God and agreed with him that beating up your ex-girlfriend’s lover wasn’t the right thing to do—wouldn’t you experience freedom from guilt. How would you feel if you knew for sure that God loved you enough to die on the cross for you? And what about the end of your life on earth? Opt for eternal life or not? What would you choose?

There is no dilemma. The options are clear. You can choose to become a follower of Jesus Christ—and have eternal life—or continue living under worldly pretense and die saying, “If only.”

We cannot take our broken down, racist, unforgiving culture and shove it under the nose of Christ. Therefore, we must choose to welcome Christ into our midst—warts and all—and let him prevail. He can change one person at a time, and he patiently waits for all.

In John 10:28, Jesus said, “I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand.”

Are you one of them?

Next week: Christ and Culture

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