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Dachshunds have been in our family for 30 years, and I am writing a series of books about them. In each volume, the dogs are the narrators. My first volume, Dachshund Diaries: Volume I Patches will be available within a couple of weeks. Dachshund Diaries: Volume I is narrated by Patches, the patriarch of our family’s much loved Dachshunds. His story spans fourteen years. He witnessed some of the most difficult years in our family’s history, but remained faithful through it all.






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Disagreements and disunity in relationships are an unpleasant fact. We cannot escape the regret we feel over circumstances in which two people turn from each other, and in an instant, one or both grieve their differences. The ensuing insults to our well-being grow over time, and often make us sick — physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

There is another way. The Art of Forgiveness can change the way we think, the way we interact with others, and we begin to trust, love, and forgive others. More importantly, we learn how to forgive ourselves.

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A follower of Jesus may ask, “How can I love God more than I do now?” Indeed, how? Some people may not have thought about loving God at all. Regardless, as God’s created people, his image bearers, we have the innate ability to love him more when we know more about him.

Wouldn’t you like an inside look into what motivates God’s actions? This book will change and challenge your perceptions of God in ways you couldn’t imagine.

One journal page is at the end of each section where you can answer a question and express your thoughts about what you’ve learned.

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In Traveling to the Holy City I share my spiritual walk authentically through the use of poetry, randomly written during certain life situations from which I could not escape. I also express the mind of the protagonist, Christian Bell Cantor, of my unpublished allegory based on John Bunyan’s classic, The Pilgrim’s Progress.

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Released in November, 2017, Calming the Chaos: How to Live Beautifully in a Broken World, explains to the reader the difference between a cultural Christian and a true follower of Jesus.

In addition, is wrestles with questions such as:

Is God to blame for the pain in the world?

Are people inherently good or bad?

How can we see the beauty in the ugliness?

Is being a good person enough to be beautiful in God’s eyes?

Learn how you can discover renewed wholeness in body, mind, and spirit…and flourish. Living beautifully in this ugly world is possible and the time is now.

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Call of the Potter, my first book took me eight years to write. It began as a journal written on yellow legal pads with a pencil. Soon I realized that it could be a book for my children, so I decided to self publish it. My narration of the book comes from my heart and soul. It details my life struggles, and how I finally became whole in spirit, mind, and body after I began walking with, and not just talking about, Jesus.

My relationship with God changed me from a confrontational, mean spirited, know-it-all, to a more loving and kind person.

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