I am an author, blogger, speaker, and try to offer a biblical perspective on the joy and challenge of Christian living in a non-Christian world. I prefer to be known as a follower of Jesus, rather than someone who is a Christian or religious.

After raising my family, and retiring from a retail business I ran with my husband for twenty years, I earned a bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies from Colorado Christian University at the age of 70. l have taught numerous classes and Bible studies, led international mission trips, and shared my story to congregations in multiple settings.

In my first book, Call of the Potter, I narrate my many struggles, setbacks, and triumphs on my journey from a dysfunctional childhood to becoming whole as a devoted follower of Christ.

Once out of college, books swirled in my head. One book about Christina Bell Cantor, a twenty-first century take on the allegorical classic Pilgrim’s Progress, took over a year to write the first draft. After three trusted people I love reviewed it, and said, “It’s too dark, people don’t read allegory now-a-days, non-Christians won’t understand it, and maybe you should turn it into a novel,” I set it aside.

In the meantime, while reflecting on the changes I saw in the world, I came to a startling conclusion. That our Christian faith is being lampooned on a daily basis, we can no longer assume that persons calling themselves Christians in the twenty-first century are living the faith as God intended. My writing helps me express my thoughts about humanity and the world. And because I lived much of my life in a paradox of fear and false bravado, it’s important for me to share how I escaped these two villainous soul crushers.

I’ve managed to reinvent my lifestyle by relying on God. By following God more closely and getting to know him more intimately, I find that he knows me better than I know myself. And yet he still chooses to love me unconditionally. The intimacy of our relationship provides me with a constant feeling of well being and worth, in spite of trials.

So, for me, it isn’t about religion, it’s about a relationship.

My first book, Call of the Potter, was published in 2010. I introduced my second book, Calming the Chaos: How to live Beautifully in a Broken World, in November of 2017.  

I look forward to sharing my thoughts and hearing yours.