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The Cultural Catwalk: Joseph 2018

When The Cultural Catwalk series began, we talked about culture in general, how we might compare characters of the Bible to today’s modern men and women, and how some humans “strive to live in tune with the variables that accompany our cultural catwalk.” In addition, we talked about coming to terms with the idea “that beneath all of our cultural nuances, we have one clearly defined fixed foundation for belief and action in our lives; the nuts and bolts that hold us together.”

The comprehensive study (I hope you read the Scripture references) of Joseph and his life proved that his faith, the clearly fixed foundation of his cultural catwalk, is what guided him in all his decisions, and that God blessed him richly.

This week’s post will tell the story of another Joseph. Well, his friends and family members call him Joey. Joey was the youngest boy of 13 children and he was the apple of his father’s eye. His older brothers were jealous of him, because it seemed that when they had to work for their father in his business; Joey relaxed, played video games, and watched television all day. They complained about this, so their father decided to send Joey with them the next time they went to work in the family business.

As the 12 brothers made rounds to the restaurants and bars owned by the family, Joey told them that he had a hunch about one of their accounts. He told his older brothers that Gus, who ran the Escape Lounge, was stealing from the family business.

One of his brothers poked fun of Joey, saying, “What do you know about anything, Joey? You’ve never lifted a finger in the family business. Don’t be so stupid.”

Irritated by his older brother’s remarks, Joey said, “Okay, well if Dad finds out that Gus is stealing, and that you knew about it and didn’t tell him, well too bad for you.”

When Joey warned his brothers, they thought about what he had said, and decided to leave him in the city to fend for himself. When they arrived at the family’s country home, their father was frantic when the boys told him that a competitor had kidnapped Joey and they had no idea where he was.

Their father shouted, “You imbeciles. How could you let this happen? What is wrong with you? You had better go back into the city and find him, or else.”

In the meantime, Joey stood on the corner of Broadway and Elm across the street from the Escape Lounge. He had no money, only the clothes on his back. Seething in anger, he walked over to the Escape Lounge and warned Gus that his brothers were planning to cut the throats of Gus and all his workers. One of the barmaids saw Joey and couldn’t believe how “hot” the little brother was.

“Why don’t you come on upstairs with me, Joey? I’ll make you feel better.” Not knowing what Celia had in mind, he followed her up to the rooms in which he saw several other women and men. Afterwards, Joey decided to take up Celia’s offer to stay with her until he figured out what to do with his life.

Two of Joey’s older brothers had gone back into the city to look for him. When Gus saw them, he and his workers ran out to the street with their automatic weapons, and mowed them down like stalks of wheat.

Months passed, and one of his father’s competitors hired Joey to run his operation. While living at home, Joey had watched and listened to his father when he built his business over the years, so it took no time for Joey to show his expertise in such business matters. Promotions came quickly until Joey became the operations manager—the highest-ranking employee. Everything seemed perfect to Joey. He loved Celia, she introduced him to heroin, he became proficient in the use of firearms when necessary, and he put his family connections behind him.

The night Joey and Celia were sound asleep, Joey’s idyllic life came to a halt, when Celia’s ex-husband walked into his house, and saw the illicit, drugged lovers in his bed.

The next day, the newspaper headline read:


Next week: Where does Christ fit into the cultural catwalks of today?

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