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The Teenagers Get Married

Shortly after the judge decided to allow the teens to marry, the teen girl went to the office in her high school and quit school. Her choice to quit school at fifteen came back to haunt her.

The teens got married a few months later. The wedding was small. She wore a street length white dress, and he wore a dark suit. The wedding the teen girl had envisioned didn’t materialize. “Never mind,” she said to herself, “Once I’m gone away from here, things will get better.”

After the wedding, and when they had finished opening the gifts, they started to fill the car with their clothing and gifts. So excited to leave and be her own, the new bride dropped a stack of boxed gifts, shattering one of them to pieces. Her mother and sister stood there watching as she picked up the pieces, crying. Exasperated, her mother said, “Why did you try to carry so many at one time?” That remark brought more tears.

When the car was loaded, they drove off. They pulled up in front of their little apartment, which was an addition to a large home with their own private entrance. The groom unlocked the door, but he didn’t pick the bride up and carry her over the threshold, as she’d seen in movies and on television. The new bride, disappointed, couldn’t keep from crying. They wouldn’t have a honeymoon, just a small apartment where they would begin their ill-fated life together.

By the time they had unloaded the car, the bride had stopped crying and she felt happier than at any other time in her fifteen years of life.

Monday morning her husband went to work and she put away the gifts, clothing, and other items they had unloaded from the car.

After a couple of weeks, she was lonely and bored. After all, you can clean a small apartment only so many times in a week. Watching American Bandstand every afternoon wasn’t helping her either. She cried, napped every day, cooked dinner, and cried when her husband left to go out with his unmarried friends.

After a couple of months, lonelier than she could have imagined, she invited one of her friends to visit. One afternoon she and her friend were sitting on the bed and the new bride said, “I am so miserable. I don’t know anyone, he’s gone all the time, I’m lonely and bored. And, I think I might be pregnant. I am fifteen years old and I’m going to have a baby.”

“He wasn’t using protection?” Her friend asked.

“I don’t know. I don’t even know if he knows what to do. I don’t even know what to do. My mom just gave me a book to read. I’m pretty sure I’m pregnant.”

To be continued …

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