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A Healthy Baby For the Sixteen-Year-Old

In the meantime, the young couple had moved back to their hometown, because the painting job was finished. They rented a small apartment and settled in. It wasn’t but three months later, that the teen bride found out she was already pregnant again. Unfortunately, neither one of these child parents-to-be had received any education on how to prevent pregnancy.

Just as she felt after the miscarriage, this mom-to-be was ambivalent about her pregnancy. Her husband wasn’t interested at all. Still, as her pregnancy progressed and she spent more time with her sister who had a baby, she started to feel a bit excited about the changes in her body.

With the baby coming, her parents-in-law purchased a small house. They made the one car attached garage into an office for the painting company and let the couple move into the house portion. With two bedrooms, a full kitchen, living room, and dining area, they settled in, but in a different way than before. It was almost as if they had decided they were going take their marriage to the next level—except for the fact that the daddy-to-be worked out of town at least 80 percent of the time. However, by this time, his wife had gotten her driver’s license. His aunt and uncle gave her their old car when they bought a new one.

Finally, she came to a place where she looked forward to the birth of her baby. She kept telling herself it would be nice to have someone else in the house with her. She put wallpaper on the wall above the crib in the spare bedroom, her husband came back from out of town, and the young couple were all set to bring a new baby home. Another little human being created by God.

Their little girl was born after a long labor. The new mom would receive help from her own mom, but only if the new family came to stay at her house. This was necessary, because the peace-making mom had to take care of the workaholic dad.

The young father, not too thrilled about this arrangement, stayed away. When the time came for mom and her new baby to go home, grandma drove them with all of the baby’s equipment packed into the trunk of the car. Upon arriving, the new mom and the baby’s grandma opened the door of the house, and were shocked to see dirty dishes in the sink, empty beer cans strewn about, overflowing cigarette butts in the ashtrays, and an unmade bed for the new mom to rest in. The baby’s room was untouched, thankfully.

Of course, grandma had to get home right away to take care of grandpa. As tired as she was, the new mom worked until she got the house cleaned up, fed the baby several times, and finally fell into bed. Lying there, she wondered what had gotten into the baby’s father that would cause him to leave things in such a mess. She cried and thought that he might not like the idea of the responsibilities that would tie him down to family life. In her heart, she knew this was true. Then she thought about her age. She knew all of her friends had just become seniors in high school, had gone to proms, and she cried. Still, she thought, I have a new baby to love and take care of. My friends don’t have that, do they? Nevertheless, she cried off and on almost every day over her situation. Tears of joy over her daughter and tears of frustration over her husband, followed her around like a new puppy.

To be continued …




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