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Relinquishing our lives as something that belongs to us is intimidating, to say the least.  Nevertheless, true identification with Christ and His template for living helps us to view each moment in time as belonging to Him.  By doing that, hopefully every encounter with those around us, whether it be a family member, a neighbor, grocery store clerk, or just a person walking down the street, is an opportunity to show love, grace, and peace to each person in a positive, life changing way.  It’s as if each person would feel His love through us — as if Christ was there to reconcile each person to Himself, which, after all, is His fervent desire; that all be reconciled to Him.

Guidance, Wisdom, and Inspiration: Unveiling the Pages of Faith

Meet the Author: Carol Flohr Giles

As a young adult, Carol Flohr Giles learned about raising children, how to live deeply in love with her husband of 54 years, live in a foreign country, learn new skills in job situations, confront and live through difficult events in her life.

After raising her four children, she devoted herself to learning more about the Bible. She earned a BS at age 70 in Biblical Studies. As a writer, teacher, speaker, and short-term missionary, Carol has shared her love for Jesus, by offering a biblical perspective on Christian living in a non-Christian world.

Carol Flohr Giles

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