Soul Mates

With my husband experiencing many health issues, I see the realities of our life together. At the age of 84, he was recently advised to go on a liquid diet, which he responded to by saying, “Well at least I don’t have cancer.” He’s sweet in that way. Stoic in another way. However, for me, I have responded to the liquid diet by asking, “Is the beginning of the end?” Still, I try to be as brave as he is. We have had a blessed life, even though the circumstances surrounding our marriage confound some, while others call it pure luck. From our view, however, we look back and see the hand of God working in both our lives to bring two lonely souls together.

We didn’t always look at our marriage from a godly perspective, because we were not followers of Christ when we met and married. Oh, we went to church every Sunday, but we went as an obligation, and because it was the right thing to do for the children.

You see, I was a 24-year-old single mother, raising four children by two different fathers from whom I divorced after only three years each, and he was a 35-year-old confirmed bachelor, devoted to his military career, with no family whatsoever.

Improbable match, wouldn’t you say? Well, yes … and the first few years were difficult, but we hung in there, not knowing exactly why.

Later, when we each re-committed ourselves to a relationship with God, we realized the full impact of what God had done. God had yoked a slightly incorrigible, brash, young woman who needed nurturing and whose children needed a loving father to a quiet, steady man who needed a family to love.

As our love for each other grew, our love for God grew even more until we each loved God more than we loved each other. Through 47 years of marriage, we have endured difficult financial times, upsetting family dynamics, and health issues, but have also celebrated the wonders of grandchildren and great-grandchildren, seeing God’s world through travel, and experiencing parts of the world without hope through short term missions.

Our life, which God blesses beyond measure every day, prompted the writing of this poem several years ago. Let me share it with you …

Soul Mates

Two souls…

Yours and mine
Divinely appointed

Entwined in Him
Each uniquely created
Purposed for Him
His gift of faith, we cherish
Tomorrow’s hope belongs to Him
A whisper so sweet, my love
A shared glimpse, between our souls
Are sheltered by Him
Until together again…

Update: After following the diet for about ten days, he has chosen to eat normally, but less. At his age, I don’t blame him. However, I wonder if this is the “beginning of the end”? I pray not.

God bless …


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