Where Do We Want Our Faith to Shine? CTC

Excerpt From Chapter Five:

Do we want our faith to shine a spotlight on religious rules and rituals, human ideology, and self-appointed beliefs? Or do we prefer to immerse ourselves in a life- giving relationship with our Creator who changes us and makes us new? Baptism, being a good person and citizen, obeying the law, and sharing our resources with the poor could be strong indicators that a person has a relationship with Jesus. On the other hand, those particularly Christian endeavors do not constitute a relationship with the living God when they aren’t motivated by true faith. Hence, when we submit to Christ, we don’t become religious Christians, we become children of God.

Only after I surrendered my life to God, did I begin to understand that my work, sweat, and tears weren’t what he wanted from me. And although I had accepted the gift of salvation, I believed I must toil for God to keep it. That wrong notion nearly destroyed my love for him. When I attended a Bible Study called Breaking Free: Making Liberty in Christ a Reality in Life by Beth Moore, it helped me “break free” of the work ethic I had grown up with, and God “bound up my broken heart, brought me to freedom, and released me from the darkness” (Isaiah 61:1, my paraphrase).

I invite you to journey with me, as we discover together

how to live beautifully in a broken world.

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 CALMING THE CHAOS: How to Live Beautifully in a Broken World

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