Introducing the Introduction

Introducing the Introduction

Reading the newspaper or listening to the nightly news is risky business. If we’re not careful, we’re bogged down by the news of today’s world. We might be fearful. Our hearts are suffering and feel smothered by the unspeakable acts of violence happening throughout the world and in our own community. There isn’t a day left unblemished by the horrific events and actions taken by one person against another. We are appalled at the lack of respect given to our fellow human beings. We feel helpless. What can a person do? How can we make it feel better? Is there a bandage big enough?

The book I am currently working on takes you and me on a journey into the ugliness of the world. Leaving the ugly behind, it provides hope and insight on how to live beautifully, in spite of it. In writing it, I have learned more than I could have imagined. You might say that I am writing a book to myself. On the other hand, to squander my new discoveries about life in this world and not share them is contrary to my purpose for writing the book.

The introduction of Living Beautifully in an Ugly World (working title) is the highlight of this post. The brief excerpt below offers a glimpse of topics from the book:

Creation, the beginning of all things, is where we learn that God made each one of us for specific purposes and that he made us good. We are not junk.

Cultures, different pockets of societies and their belief systems, either contribute to the grace, decency, and love shown to others—or cause degradation of others through the misuse of power, greed, depravity, and self-indulgence.

False identities, labels that we unknowingly assign to those who are different from us, create havoc in our relationships.

Political pressure, when our view is different from those in our surrounding culture, removes the freedom to verbalize how and why we believe as we do. The compulsion to pursue “correctness,” has transformed us into a nation of tolerance at the expense of truth.

Healthy self-awareness, a lost concept on who we are and what we think, is now self-indulgence. Society needs to re-discover why we think as we do and how it influences our actions. The lack of focus on our character, motivations, emotions, and desires has turned us into an “it’s all about me” culture.

Biblical precepts, whether one believes what the Bible says or doesn’t say, offers common sense solutions to our lives, while giving pertinent and realistic ways to view the world’s problems, and how to live beautifully in spite of them.

Worldview thinking, the common denominator to our lives, informs and instructs our thoughts and actions. It shows us how our actions and reactions to the world define our core beliefs.

As you can see, we have much to discuss concerning the ugliness in the world and our ability to live beautifully in it.

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